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I've changed my mind again and now is turning in to a very weird thing. My site on was always focused on the BBS and everything around it was a bonus, now I'm mixing the archives with the BBS as the core feature.

I hated running some of the CMS, I didn't get the flexibility I wanted and it was very dry. So I decided to use the early 2000s website for MMN and this is the new

Good luck if you're reading this on a mobile phone.

I created as an eternal archive1 of the things I have created on the internet. I split my text only projects to and my web / fediverse projects to

You will notice that for the most part sections of this site redirect to content on my blog, pixelfed, or Known (microblog), this is the idea as is the main hub to make sense of my various, at times strange, writing / photos.

Things you can find here

!!! is currently being updated, because I changed things. If you're interested to see why, you can read my entry about it.

  1. Until the hosting bill stops being paid and AFNIC don't receive a renewal fee ☠️ 

Made with disdain à Paris • Barcelona • Oslo 💔

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